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Positive Behaviour Support (PBS)

SWPBS is not a program, curriculum, intervention or practice but is a decision making framework that guides selection and implementation of the best evidence-based academic and behavioural practices for improving important academic and behaviour outcomes for all students.  School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) is a research driven and evidence based process that was developed over 20 years ago and is now internationally recognised.  At St Cuthbert's we have whole class social and emotional lessons through Circle Time, where we explore what these 3 Expectations look like in all school settings.  Our 3 Expectations are:

                                    Be Respectful

                                         Be Safe

                                    Be Your Best

Best Practice for Behaviour Support

If students are experiencing a ‘minor’ difficulty the following processes may take place:

1.     -  Rule reminder/re-teaching opportunity

2.     - Warnings

3.     - Relocation within the environment

4.     - Relocation to another class

5.     - Time out

6.     - In-school isolation

- In the event of a ‘major’ behavioural incident, it will be the Principal who decides what the consequences will be.


As part of decision making process we collect data about the time/location/behaviours/day that corrections need to take place.



At St Cuthbert’s we have levels of rewards.  We have star stamps for smaller good deeds and Star Awards for bigger deeds.  5 Star Awards result in a Principal Award that is handed out in our weekly Monday morning assemblies. Then it progresses as follows:

2 Principal Awards = postcard home

3 Principal Awards = wristband

4 Principal Awards = a range of choice awards

5 Principal Awards = a medallion