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Daily Routine

School Times :  Kindergarten to Grade 6

Arrival at school:                    from 8:30 am
Classes commence:                        8:45 am
Recess:                                          10:50 - 11:20 am
Lunch:                                           12:50 -   1:30 pm
Classes finish
Prep - Grade 6:                              2:55 pm
Kindergarten:                                 2:45 pm

For reasons of child safety, parents need to notify the Office by 9.15am if their child will not be attending school that day.
Children leaving school early through the day will need to be signed out from the Office by a parent or designated person.

Specialist Times

P.E.           (Mr Clark)
Thursdays and Fridays
Library      (Mrs Carrick)
Kinder to Grade 6

Music       (Mrs Freeman)
Tuesdays  (fortnightly)  Prep to Grade 6 
Tuesdays  (weekly) Choir
Tuesdays  (weekly) Instrumental